Naga Jolokia Hot Peppers

100+ days. Capsicum chinense. Plant produces good yields of 2 ½" long by 1" wide by hot peppers. Peppers are extremely hot and turn from green, to orange-red, to red when mature. Plant has dark green leaves, green stems, and white flowers. Reported to be measured over 1,000,000 Scoville Units! The new Guinness World Record for the hottest pepper in the world! One of the five hottest peppers in the world from India. Order the Naga Morich, the Dorset Naga, the Bih Jolokia, and the Bhut Jolokia. A variety from India. pk/5

HPLC Test Results: Guinness Records *

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These seeds were very easy to grow and germinated quickly. the Naga Jolokia was a bit tempramental when hardening off but that was due to rather rapid changes in our weather here this year. All in all, these seeds were top-shelf. This will be to only place I buy my seeds from from now on!
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I purchased the seeds in the fall of 2008 and started them indoors under the lights in the winter. All 5 seeds germinated and are very healthy. I potted one to see how it would do and soon enough it was 3 feet high! Two others are in pots the other two I planted in the ground. I live in Michigan and they are not happy in the ground, I think the soil temp needs to stay a lot warmer overnight for the plants to flourish. The ones in pots are starting to produce fruit in June when I started them in February.
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