Green Goliath Broccoli pk/50

56 days. Brassica oleracea. (F1) Plant produces giant size blue-green broccoli. It is very flavorful and produces many side shoots over a period of 3 weeks. This is no ordinary broccoli. It often out yields all the others including hybrids. Excellent choice for home gardens. pk/50

90% 09/16

Seeds Per Pound: 128,000

Plant Height: 18 to 24” tall

Planting Season: Spring/Fall

Sunlight Requirement: Full Sun

Planting Method: Indoor Sow/Direct Sow

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I've been growing this variety in western MN for over 10 years. It is an incredible producer with primary cuttings of 10-12 inch heads and secondary cuttings of 6-8 inch heads. Soil pH is 7.9 with at least 100 lbs / acre available N. I plant from seed in late June for a crop after the first frost (no worms.) Rows are spaced at 34". Best yield has been 1 lb / 3 square feet included in as many as 4 separate cuttings. Pesticide application may be necessary when plants are small (3") and have used "Tempo" in the past. Stems are light and usually have a hollow making them more tender and edible than other varieties. Short hollow stems reduce yield weight and large heads are a detriment to commercial production. Otherwise, an excellent gardener's and local market variety.
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