MegaGro Spray is a revolutionary plant growth stimulator designed to dramatically increase the growth of both indoor and outdoor plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables, to produce larger, greener, more beautiful plants of all varieties. Add 4 capfuls of MegaGro Concentrate to 1 gallon of water, and water plants as usual. Try growing World Record Vegetables, like the Dill's Atlantic Giant Pumpkin, using MegaGro Spray. Also great to increase seed germination on difficult varieties. Order the MegaGro Concentrate for refilling the Spray bottle. 32 oz

MegaGro Can:

Produce Bigger & Greener Plants - For people with little time to devote to their plants, MegaGro can produce terrific results with very little effort, giving you bigger and greener plants, making everyone think you have that "green thumb" touch.

Grow Larger & More Plentiful Blossoms - For flower gardens, regular applications of MegaGro will maximize the number of blossoms that a plant produces, while also increasing the size of each bloom, making your flower gardens a showplace.

Give Higher Yields - For fruit and vegetable gardens, applications of MegaGro can produce more fruit per plant.

Break Dormancy! - Limited growing seasons, whether for indoor or outdoor plants, often cause plants to become dormant. So even an indoor plant may go into dormancy, if regulated by natural light. Many of us have seen first hand the results of a Ficus Fig dropping many of its leaves in late fall. Using MegaGro will spur continued growth in your plants.


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