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All America Selections Winners


All-America Selections (AAS) was founded in 1932 by W. Ray Hastings, when he was President of the Southern Seedsmen's Association. AAS began with an association donation during the meeting held in Atlanta, Georgia. He proposed the idea of AAS as a way for home gardeners to learn which varieties were significantly improved. He encouraged all seed companies to begin trial grounds to test new varieties. He had the support of the seed companies and independent breeders to enter new, unsold varieties into the trial. AAS began with a network of ten trial grounds. The trials were grown and evaluated by skilled, impartial AAS Judges. AAS Winners have been introduced each year since 1933. In 1934, there were 30 AAS Award Winning new varieties introduced, a record number. There have not been that many AAS Winners introduced since 1934.

AAS Trials have been conducted every year since 1932. The number of Judges and sites may vary but the trials are conducted each year. In 1984 the AAS Board of Directors decided to simplify the award system and award only two types. There is an AAS Gold Medal award reserved for a breeding breakthrough. Gold Medal Awards have been rare, only given once or twice a decade. The other AAS Award recognizes a flower or vegetable for significant achievements, proven to be superior to all others on the market.

In 70 years of AAS Winners, there have been 341 AAS Flowers, 270 AAS Vegetables and 26 Bedding Plant Award Winners. AAS has introduced a total of 637 Award Winners since 1933.

AAS continues as the oldest, most established international testing organization in North America.

Below is are varieties of All-America Selections Winners that we have available at this time. We plan on adding additional varieties in the near future, so check back often!